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Linkit One and MQ-135 gas sensor example

MQ-135 gas sensor is a hazardous gas detection apparatus for the family, the environment, suitable for ammonia, aromatic compounds, sulfur, benzene vapor, smoke and other gases harmful gas detection, gas-sensitive element test…

Linkit One and MQ-9 gas sensor example

MQ-9 gas sensor has high sensitity to Carbon Monoxide, Methane and LPG. The sensor could be used to detect different gases contains CO and combustible gases, it is with low cost and suitable for different application.

Linkit one and MQ-6 Gas Sensor example

The MQ6 Gas Sensor module is useful for gas leakage detection. They are used in gas leakage detecting equipments in home and industry, are suitable for detecting of LPG, iso-butane, propane, LNG, avoid the noise of alcohol , cooking fumes…

Linkit one and MQ-5 Gas Sensor example

The MQ5 Gas Sensor module is useful for gas leakage detection. It is suitable for detecting H2, LPG, CH4, CO, Alcohol. Due to its high sensitivity and response time, measurements can be taken as soon as possible. The sensitivity of the…